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The new age actors of B Town are evolving in every way possible and their sequences and experiments with acting and other fields of expertise will surely make the senior professionals a hard time in the near future. Tiger Shroff, the Shroff junior is an exceptionally great dancer with a flexibility of the body that can create moments. Now get your Baaghi movie download in mp4 version from here. Well-toned physique and the abilities of performing martial arts and stunts on his own makes him one of the most wanted new comers among the industry, but he lacks in one phase and that is acting. With his average acting in his debut “Heropanti”, Tiger has released another with the same set of team “Baaghi”. The movie features “Shraddha Kapoor” along with “Tiger Shroff”. Pure action thriller with over the top action sequences and good music and sweet scenes makes this a one-time watch but the whole story and the plot along with acting Is a bit shaky and not running smooth.


Baaghi Movie Download Free

The movie is considered to be a remake of the Hollywood action packed “The Raid: Redemption” and follows the path of being a pure action entertainer genre. Just like most other Bollywood commercial flicks, this movie also revolves around the disturbances caused due to a girl. Ronny(Tiger Shroff) is head over heels in love with Sia (Shraddha Kapoor) and aspiring actress who wants to make it big. The villain also falls for Sia and wants to win her heart any way he can and in turn make his own.


Download Baaghi Movie HD Mp4

The movie is set in Kerala, beautiful landscapes are well depicted and the whole culture is shown well.  Ronny was sent by his father to a martial art school to learn Kalaripayattu (the traditional martial art form of Kerala) and also to make his son walk in the right path. Just grab your Baaghi movie download in HD mp4 from here.

Baaghi Full Movie Download in HD

Tiger Shroff has impressed the audiences with his fighting scenes and impressive movements but to be honest his acting and his way of playing with emotions is very underdeveloped. His acting skills need a huge hike in order to make his spot in the Bollywood firm. Sharddha Kapoor in the other hand shares a very less screen time and is not utilized well. The climax features her using the combat skills but the overall acting of a cute bubbly girl is not impressive enough. Weak depiction of the storyline and slow acting but good action sequences makes it a one-time watch and fetches 3 stars out of 5 in a whole.

With this movie, Tiger Shroff set new records at the Box Office. This movie grossed more than 80 crores which was totally unexpected. It seems like the fan following of Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor is increasing day by day. Sajid Nadiawala was quite happy with the performance of this movie.


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